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VA Purchase Loan with 100% Financing!

What a great benefit for veterans who’ve earned their entitlement through military service! Whether you are a veteran, still active-duty, or the surviving spouse of a veteran who passed due to a service-connected injury, taking advantage of this home-buying opportunity can help change your life. If you’ve ever thought about buying a home and feel like you are ready both mentally and financially don’t wait any longer. Interest rates have reached near-record lows in recent months and have held steady for now. It’s anyone’s guess when they will rise again. Low rates combined with all the benefits of a VA loan means your very own home is within reach.

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A Guide to VA Refinance Loans

Many home owners are confused about VA refinance loans and that is why we are happy to provide this comprehensive guide to help you find out valuable information to help in your refinancing choices. There are two types of refinancing loans available for VA mortgages and each one has its own set of benefits to homeowners. But to first understand refinance loans, it is important to understand the reasons why veterans and VA home owners choose to refinance.

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What is the Difference between VA & FHA Streamline Loans?

We are often asked what the difference between a VA and FHA streamline loans are. Because of such an abundance of interest in these types of loans and to help our readers better understand what a streamline loan is and what separates the VA and FHA types, we’ve created this guide. So without further ado, let’s jump right into the difference between VA and FHA streamline loans.

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Eligibility for the IRRRL Program

Homeowners who have received a loan through the VA mortgage program have a great option for refinancing down the road. In fact, veterans may be eligible for a program that the rest of the public can’t access, called the Interest Rate Reduction Refinancing Loan (IRRRL). This is sometimes called the VA Streamline Refinance loan, and it is a simple, fast route to refinancing that the general public cannot use.

Still, it isn’t just a matter of being a veteran to be eligible for this program. There are a few other qualifications that play a part in this process.

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3 Ways to Refinance into a VA Home Loan

There are several reasons why a homeowner may need or want to refinance their home loan but there are only three ways to refinance with a VA loan. Each refinancing option has benefits to individual home owner situations and unique positive aspects. If you are considering a Veterans Affair Home Loan refinance, then it is important to familiarize yourself with these three ways of refinancing and choose the one that is most beneficial to you.

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Everything for a VA Streamline Refinance

A VA streamline refinance can sound daunting but with the help of experts who know the refinancing and mortgage industries and a little research, homeowners can rest assured that receiving a VA streamline refinance is a simple and useful process. To help in homeowner’s research, we’ve created this guide on everything for a VA streamline refinance.

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Purchasing a Home with a VA Loan

Potential homebuyers who have served stints in the U.S. military, or are on active duty are eligible to take advantage of the VA home loan program that is administered by the Department of Veterans Affairs. Over the years, this program has helped people purchase homes or secure loans that would have otherwise been out of their range. There are a number of benefits to this program, and more veterans are using it every year.

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Home Mortgage Approval Set to Continue Climbing For the Coming Year

Several years back, the American economy hit a recession that tightened the belts of home mortgage lenders across the country. Only in the last year or so have we begun to see things turn upward in the home buying market and lenders loosening their tight lending guidelines with simpler rules and applicant steps. Now, in the beginning of 2013, we are seeing approvals and home purchases really begin to skyrocket in the home buying market.

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