Author: Jeremy Swenson

Top 2 Options for VA Home Loan Refinancing

Many homeowners feel that receiving a VA home refinancing loan is a tricky process with daunting and unknown legal territory but as we’ve discussed in our blogs previously, that is not the case. In fact, getting a VA home loan refinanced is a truly simple and easy process, especially with the options available. There are a few VA home loan options but two raise above the rest as the most beneficial and widely used refinance options for veterans.

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VA Loan Guidelines

These days getting a VA or FHA loan has become more and more difficult. No longer can you have a 60% debt to income ratio with the intention of buying a home outside your means. Today you are required to include bank statements, current paystubs, and identification.   Government requirements have stiffened to necessitate more tangible proof of financial ability from the borrower as well as greater responsibilities of the seller.

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What Are the Different Types of Mortgage Loans?

There are a lot of options for a potential homebuyer, and it’s important to understand the different benefits of the various types of mortgage loans before making your final decision. It can sometimes seem a little overwhelming when you start looking at all the alternatives, but if you understand some of the basics, you’ll have a good idea where to start the loan process.

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VA vs. FHA – Which is Better?

When looking to purchase a home, many people are confronted with the decision of getting a VA or FHA home loan. There is plenty of hearsay about the reasons to choose one loan over the other but in truth; each loan has qualities that could make it the right choice for you. To help you decide between and learn all about the differences of these two loans, we’ve created this comprehensive blog post. In this post you will learn what the requirements for each loan are, how each loan is beneficial and the negative aspects of each loan. In the end, our hope is that you will be able to tell us which loan will work best for you.

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